Thursday, August 27, 2009

Department of Rock

The flagship premises of Myer, Melbourne's best-known department store, is currently undergoing major renovation. A retail institution of the city renowned for its window displays each Christmas, the Bourke Street-fronted building has been reduced to a shell as part of an extensive redevelopment project. Another aspect of these works, the proposed demolition of the Art Deco building Lonsdale House, has met with public opposition.

The Myer complex has a somewhat unlikely link with AC/DC's 1975 Melbourne sojourn.

The band was booked to play a series of free lunchtime shows in late August in the young ladies’ fashion department, the “Myer Miss Store”. The week of music lasted barely one song. Bedlam ensued as the first concert was stormed by hundreds of hysterical female fans. The band was forced to flee and as Myer staff surveyed the wreckage left in their wake, the week’s remaining shows were cancelled.

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